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Where to Find Us Doing Transcription

Where to Find Us Doing Transcription

We like to say that if it has a voice we can transcribe it! Whether it’s live court reporting or transcription of a recording, our qualified reporters and transcriptionists are here to help you.

  • Do you have a video or podcast you’d like transcribed?
  • Do you need a keynote address transcribed live for your at-home audience?
  • Are you a doctoral student in need of transcriptions of interviews for your thesis?

If any of these sound like you, our Boston team is here to provide certified transcriptions to you!

Transcription isn’t just used in legal settings.

Too often we hear people say they don’t think we can help them because they need us in an education or business setting. The truth is the court reporting industry is evolving to include these (and more) settings.


Students interviewing experts for their theses or research papers often need us to transcribe so they can use information in their papers. There is also legislation pending that would put a need in all school districts, colleges, and universities for services for hearing impaired and deaf students at all levels.

Police, Social Workers, and Health Departments

Basically anyone working with the public in a governmental capacity may need us for interview and interrogation transcriptions.


Often court reporters are used in depositions for insurance cases but we’re also needed to transcribe recorded interviews or Examinations Under Oath of suspicious claims or cases flagged by their internal investigators.


Press conferences, webinars, seminars, live events, video, podasts, professional sporting events, education, and board or shareholder meetings.

It is important to note that you can hire transcriptionists from a variety of sources but the ones at Advanced Court Reporting are professionals trained to create verbatim transcripts that can be used in a legal setting. That’s different than a virtual assistant that takes a podcast and types the words being said. Our transcripts are certified as accurate and can be used in a number of settings, including legal.

Whether you’re in a legal, government, education, or business setting, if you’ve got a voice that needs transcribed, give us a call!

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