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Why should you consider court reporting as a career?

Why should you consider court reporting as a career?

If you’re looking for a rewarding profession or second career where you can freelance and potentially earn a six-figure income, take a look at court reporting. While it’s not for everyone, it is a good choice for those of us who can focus for long periods of time and have a thirst for knowledge. If that sounds like you, consider court reporting as a career.


While training to be a court reporter can take less time than a standard four-year program, academically it can be just as challenging. In fact, many students have trouble completing the program because it requires them to not only be fast but to be accurate as well. Set your expectation that the hard work is worth the reward. Court reporter income starts at a nationwide average of about $40,000 per year. (Source)

Court Reporter Shortage (and the benefit for you)

Part of the reason you can earn that rate of income with little to no experience is because there is (or soon will be) a court reporter shortage in many cities, including Boston. In Massachusetts, there is set to be a need for about 40 reporters but other states like New York, there is a shortage of 200+ reporters. Because of high demand and low supply, you have the opportunity to earn more income. With a bit of experience in the field, you can earn in the six figures.

Freelance Life

Unless you’re working for a municipality in the court system, you will work as a freelance court reporter, typically with an agency like ours, where you can make your own hours. While some reporters choose to work full-time, earning and learning as much as they can, there are others who work a portion of the year and take time off to travel or spend winters in warmer climates. It’s your choice.

Consider court reporting as a career if you’re interested in being part of a career where you’re constantly learning and opportunities are expanding. We’re no longer just found in the legal field, they need court reporters for business, sporting, press, politics, and community events. With high earning potential, it’s worth considering!

If you’re a court reporter seeking clients or are in need of a reporter for an upcoming deposition, give us a call today!

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