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Too many tasks, not enough time

Too many tasks, not enough time

What happens when you have too many tasks and not enough time? If you’re like me, you get overwhelmed and paralyzed, unable to accomplish anything. It can be frustrating but you can become successful in handling all that needs to be done in business and personal life. Task trackers, calendar management, and just saying no can help you feel more in control and able to accomplish what’s most important to you.

Task Management

How are you managing client work and household tasks? I used to carry a notebook where I would make lists of task after task only to be left feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything. No matter how much I did, there was always something that needed to be done. It was ruining my mindset and productivity. Then I was introduced to a task tracking app called Asana and it changed how I viewed tasks.

Asana and other apps track tasks, including ongoing like checking email or invoicing clients. I don’t have to worry about what’s not getting done. I just check the app and can see what I need to do that day, week, and month.

Calendar Care

In addition to a task tracker, I use a Google calendar to block time for client work and personal to dos, color coding each so that I know when I am booked for work and social time. If I have two hours set to work on a particular client account, I only focus on that client, not email, social media, or phone calls, except those related to the client.

The shift from a list of tasks to blocking time to focus on a client or personal task has made it possible to complete more in less time.

Saying No

Planning ahead saves me, especially during the holiday season, from overscheduling myself but it isn’t a foolproof system. Multiple invitations to multiple events can make for long days, leaving me exhausted on Christmas. Rather than being tired, this year I’ve chosen to say no to a few invitations in favor of focusing on family.

When you have too many tasks and not enough time, the best thing you can do is say no to a few obligations, focus on your loved ones, and enjoy all that Boston has to offer this holiday season. Here’s to a safe, healthy, and happy new year!

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