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Court Reporting in 2015

Being a court reporter in 2015 is much different than just a couple of decades ago.  Back in the good ol' days, transcripts were typed on carbon paper and Computer Aided Transcription software didn't exist.  Transcripts were even more painstakingly difficult to produce than they are today but the work of the court reporter has…
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5 Qualities of a Great Court Reporter

At Advanced Court Reporting, we don't just provide the court reporter, we provide a great court reporter.  When searching for reporters we look for qualities that not only ensure a pristine transcript, but qualities that help us run a smoother, more efficient, customer centric business. What makes a great court reporter? 1. Attention to Detail…
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Court Reporter Shortage: Keep Your Court Reporter Close

Court Reporters are often behind the scenes.  We're the flies on the wall, and yet are crucially necessary for legal proceedings and accessibility services like closed captioning.  What you might not know about court reporters, however, is that we are becoming fewer and further between by the day. Court Reporter Shortage A relatively recent study…
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